“Yes,” says Pete. “You Belong Here Too”

The underdog candidate whose highly improbable rise to the top of the pack in the presidential race got a big “thumbs up” from Iowa last week. Now, he’s surging in the next test: New Hampshire.

Pete whizzed through the two states these past several months with the dogged tenacity of someone who looked like he was running to save a nation. (Oh yeah…because he was. And is.)

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Along the way, Pete introduced himself as a leader for our times — or any time at all. Pete laid out a broad vision to put the “United” back in the USA. That’s when people really began to notice that something quite remarkable was happening in his campaign. The tent that Pete was staking was wider, more accessible, and infinitely more welcoming than any that had ever been built before. All were instantly invited to enter and make themselves at home. All were told, “You belong here.”

In came Democrats, “Future Former Republicans”, and even unaffiliated voters, from all walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicities and experiences. This includes many in the Black community whose voices of support for Pete have been muffled by a cadre of media reporters and commentators who continue to chant a highly misleading trope…most likely to ignite brush fires within the campaign as a means to draw and retain ever larger audiences.

Those who have been following Pete and supporting him for months were confident that if voters listened to Pete’s comforting message of belonging, they too would come. And why wouldn’t they? Pete is real. His “come on in, there’s plenty of room for you” message is genuine. And his enthusiastic embrace of the time-tested American values that have held this democracy aloft for nearly 250 years, felt healing and true.

So yes, you belong here. We want you and need you in this critical campaign for the soul of our country. Your home is here if you want it. Because here, we’re following Pete on a journey to shore up the foundations of this nation so that no one ever feels like they don’t belong again. #Pete2020

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