What Pete’s Rolled Up Sleeves Really Mean

Pete bounds onto campaign stages across the country in his now familiar blue tie and white shirt — always with the sleeves neatly rolled up. He’s ready.

But Pete’s signature rolled up sleeves are not a fashion statement. Far from it. After getting to know Pete these many months, we can see them for exactly what they are.

They are a call to action. They are the absence of pretense and the presence of grit. They are an invitation to serve the nation.

They are the conviction to inspire a national culture shift from hate and division to acceptance and unity. They are determination to provide every American with access to what is essential for lives fully lived — healthcare, higher education and opportunity.

Pete’s rolled up sleeves mean that he is ready to take on the myriad challenges we face as a nation domestically — and across the wider world we share. They are an exhortation of warm welcome, and an assurance that he is on your side.

They are an uncompromising work ethic, a willingness to use his greatest gifts for good, a summoning of strength to persevere in all endeavors, and a promise to lead honorably.

How can we demonstrate to the nation all of what we know about our Pete?

Roll up your sleeves when you attend any of Pete’s campaign events and share your photos online.

—Take pictures or videos of yourself or your friends and family with your sleeves rolled up and your Pete swag on.

—Even roll up the sleeves of the baby’s onesie, the doll’s sweater, or even your ski jacket at the top of the mountain. Take a picture and post it!

—Use the hashtag, #RollUpYourSleeves, and challenge others on social media to nominate their friends to roll up their sleeves and post a photo or video with a caption about why they are with Pete.

You get the idea. Let’s go!

#RollUpYourSleeves, Peteniks. We have work to do.

Written by

Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer, visual storyteller, PR Specialist and Telly and Emmy Award winning video and documentary producer.

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