“Trump is a Man of His Word” and Other Lies of the Coming American Dictatorship

“Trump is a man of his word,” said White House Counsel Pat Cipollone January 21, 2020 of the Liar-in-Chief who has told over 16,000 proven falsehoods since occupying the Oval. With that one statement in the Senate chamber at the start of 45’s impeachment trial, Cipollone sealed his legacy as a champion of American dictatorship — having just put a bullet in the head of democracy.

There are, at this writing, over 50 other potential assassins of democracy sitting in the Senate chamber…quietly shuttering their ears and closing their minds to the arguments being made by the House Managers pursuant to the Articles of Impeachment; measures that have effectively forever rendered 45 an impeached chief executive.

My point here is not to argue or relitigate the now indisputable facts that 45 did indeed abuse his power and obstructed Congress. My point here is to note only that while the sole defendant in the Senate proceedings is 45, the 53 Republican senators are themselves on trial in these solemn deliberations.

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If Trump is unjustly acquitted, then the Senate will have placed him above the law.

Will they, like Pat Cipollone, show themselves guilty of acquiescing to their fear of 45 — who threatens to deliver political or vocational extinction to those who don’t proclaim or publicly display their loyalty to him — by voting to deny witnesses to appear?

Will fear of 45 cause them to put their names and reputations on the line for 45 — whose explosive revenge temper has already felled many who’ve stood in his way of amassing power and influence — by voting to close the door on the admission of documentary evidence proving the repeated unlawful actions of the the occupier of the Oval Office?

Will they ultimately vote to acquit 45 out of fear — when the overwhelming truth of his guilt as an abuser of presidential power and his obstruction of Congress is as incontestable as the fact that ocean waves are made of water?

Fear is what dictators use to instill obedience.

Fear and intimidation are what a corrupt monarch uses to expand his or her own power.

Fear and outright lies — most often by the thousands — are what oligarchs use to control and manipulate nations for their own enrichment. Oligarchs create false narratives about history itself, and about minorities and other marginalized populations. They remind citizens that what they see and hear is what he — the oligarch — says they see and hear. Oligarchs issue proclamations of the dire consequences that will befall those who fail to support the oligarch’s government, its self-serving policies and its strong-arm edicts.

45’s monstrous lies about everything from climate change and who would pay for his border wall to lies about Obama, Muslims, LatinX, Russian interference, Charlottesville white nationalists, voter fraud, city crime statistics, unemployment figures, military raises, “I’m the best in history at (insert any vocation, proclivity, accomplishment or talent here)” statements, and much more are meant to promote a narrative that only he can/will control.

Citizens and politicians alike have signed on to his vulgar, lawless power grab in terrifying numbers. They are nonplussed even today by his angry refusal to honor subpoenas in this impeachment process, denying the process critical evidence and witnesses — and then complaining that the House has insufficient evidence and testimony to remove him from office. Still, many of 45’s minions have nearly deified him…praying to him for his approval and blessing.

Mr. Cipollone’s jaw-dropping assertion that 45 is a “man of his word” is beyond ample proof that he and others have been hypnotized into total compliance by fear of 45 — and the havoc he would wreak on their lives if they marched out of goose step with his wishes. On many occasions, 45 has mused that he’d like to become “President for Life”; or at the very least, he would run for office every four years for as long as he likes because he would render term limits obsolete.

If 45 is acquitted (which is widely believed he will be), the assassination of democracy as we once knew it to be in America will have been committed by cowardly, spineless senators who put 45 above the law; and their obedience to him before love and honor of this besieged country.

The framers are weeping. Are you?


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