The Trump Administration Knew About The Protocol That Could Have Saved Tens of Thousands

You call yourself the President, but you are little more than the Failure-in-Chief. You failed in your office by every measure imaginable — including your willful murder of over 220,000 Americans. You held their lives in your murderous hands and decided that instead of saving them, you would let them die and tell lie after lie after lie in order to protect your own power.

You shameless monster.

Just so you know, you and your cowardly, cowering kiss-ass minions refused to even look at the lifesaving MATH+ protocol that was brought to the White House on at least four separate occasions by the emissaries dispatched on behalf of the the brilliant, highly published Critical Care physicians of the Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) — the architects of MATH+. ( Since February of 2020, these physicians have been pleading with members of your administration — including your Chief of Staff Mark Meadows who now says you cannot control the pandemic — to talk to them about this protocol that has achieved a mortality rate of between 5% and 8% among the patients who received it. Among patients not receiving MATH+ or its components, mortality rates vary between 15% and 75%. The FLCCC physicians knew that COVID19 was a steroid-responsive disease long before anyone — including the World Health Organization — discovered its efficacy.

The Frontline COVID19 Critical Care Alliance developed the lifesaving MATH+ Protocol

Did you know that by bringing the MATH+ protocol to the attention of the nation and its healthcare providers you could have saved the lives of tens of thousands of Americans? No, you didn’t, because you did not even want to look at it — confessing that you did not wish to “panic” the public; and presenting this protocol to the American people would have signaled to them that you knew it was DEADLY. So you played Gd and decided instead to let these critically ill patients die.

You are a murderer. A mass murderer.

For one fleeting moment, when you (may have) contracted COVID19, you probably felt the abject fear these patients felt when they realized they would probably need ventilators to stay alive and may never again awaken. You told those who gathered around you in your cushy Walter Reed hospital room that, “I could be one of the diers.” You could have been. But you recovered in record time, it seems. Did you really even have it? You lie so much, I believe exactly nothing of what you report.

So here’s what’s going to happen next.

  1. The protocol is going to be given to President Biden on November 4 by the FLCCC.

Remember, you had the opportunity in late February to bring this breathtaking news to the American people and to the entire world. Wait. Did you withhold news of MATH+ because its components are all off-patent, inexpensive, globally available and have high safety profiles? When you were busy touting useless high priced pharmaceuticals — with you and your family probably getting a cut of their sales and stock profits — good old MATH+ was actually saving lives. But shucks, you could not profit from it. Nobody could. So it’s just as well that you ignored it, right? No money, no protocol.

You shameless monster.

My loathing for you is bottomless. In fact, you have earned the boundless hatred of tens of millions. You’ll have lots and lots of time to think about the carnage you have wrought while you are in your 8x8 cell. There will be no forgiveness for your willful acts of premeditated murder.

Here is the MATH+ Protocol, along with a link to the FLCCC’s Dr. Pierre Kory testifying about MATH+ to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on May 6, 2020. Share these links as widely as you possibly can. And remember what this monster did to try to kill us all.

MATH+ Protocol:

Dr. Kory’s testimony:

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