Pete’s True Power is Having True Power

For Pete, the power of the presidency is not at all about having power. It’s not about seeking power, flaunting power, or abusing power for his own enrichment or political fortune.

Instead, it’s about the power to do good — historic, transformative, life-lifting good.

But when we talk about Pete and Power in the same sentence, it’s important to place the two into the proper context. Yes, an American President has extraordinary power. The extent of his/her/their power is written into Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution. (The current occupant of the White House believes his powers are limitless. They are not.)

But Pete’s true powers as President will derive far more from who he is and how he chooses to move through the world. The scope and depth of his true powers might be unprecedented in presidential politics. Read on…then decide for yourself.

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First, let’s consider the following as an example of what I mean: We know that the President has the power to devise and implement policy. So in 2017, the current administration, under its “zero tolerance” immigration policy, permitted immigration authorities to separate children from parents or guardians with whom they had entered the U.S. The adults were prosecuted and held in federal jails, and the children were placed under the supervision of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But unbelievably, the policy did not include measures to reunite the families that it had separated. Children of immigrants have been held for many tortuous months under crowded and unsanitary living conditions, with little food, no emotional or physical comfort, and with no end in sight.

This inhuman horror is what occurs when the person with the power is devoid of noble character strengths, and therefore can never know what it is to use or possess true power.

True power is compassion. Knowledge is also true power. So is humanity. Humility is power. Truth-telling is power. Decency is power. Tolerance is power. Philanthropy is power. Generosity is power. Understanding is power. Compromise is power. Love is power.

Pete has all of these powers — and more — in mighty measures.

A President Pete will use his office to help this nation up from its knees…brought low by an administration whose brand is defined by perpetual lying, repeated inanities, petulance, derisiveness, marginalization, divisiveness, and hate — endless hate — oozing out from beneath the once hallowed doors to the Oval Office.

No character, no true power.

Electing Pete as our 46th President will grant him the ability to utilize his powerful character strengths to help build an American future defined by unity and belonging — not hate or exclusion. His will be a use of Presidential power for the greatest good imaginable.

Pete’s Power to Unify

Pete has called for a unified generation of American youth through mutual national sacrifice and service. He has outlined protections for Dreamers and assurances that immigrants who are undocumented have a pathway to citizenship. He will move to actualize humane immigration policies and laws.

Pete’s Power to Uplift

He will implement protections for American workers. By advocating for a raise in the minimum wage to $15/hour, and offering Medicare for All Who Want It, he demonstrates that for him, every human life has inexhaustible value.

Pete’s Power to Heal

The human need — and right — to belong drives Pete to champion those who have been targets of racial, religious and ethnic discrimination. He has developed a systemic, multi-tiered approach that will compel — at long last — a nationwide rejection of racism directed at Black America; and to study the need for reparations as a mechanism to mend generational theft caused by the demeaning racial mores of America’s past.

He has recognized that Latinos, Muslims, LGBTQ+ and other minority communities in the United States have long been been burdened by a legacy of deeply rooted discrimination. His campaign is woven with policies to support and empower all marginalized communities.

Pete’s Power to Educate

Pete will employ his presidential power to reduce teacher shortages in rural communities — and pay teachers salaries that compensate them munificently for the critical job they do of educating succeeding generations who will one day direct the sails of our country’s future.

Pete’s Power to Help

Pete will use his power to advocate for anti-trust enforcement to help family farmers; while putting them on the front lines of combatting climate change. He will use his power to focus on revitalizing rural communities through investments — and by creating job opportunities in rural America for immigrants who are ready to build and contribute to communities to which they will wholly belong. He will create a sweeping infrastructure plan to increase resilience and usher in a new era of opportunity for all.

Pete’s Power to Protect

At last, the power of the presidency will be used to protect our children and communities by enacting common sense gun control laws, begin voluntary gun buy-backs and enact a federal ban on assault weapons.

Pete’s Power to Wage Peace

With a deep knowledge of world history and foreign policy, Pete will use humane powers to find ways to cease endless wars; and consider armed conflict only if it is strategic, legitimate, and if indeed, there is no other option.

Pete’s Power of Humanitarianism

Pete’s power to love humanity is rooted in his unshakable faith. Its values are much akin to teachings of the world’s many religious traditions — to take the hands of the stranger and the prisoner and the poor into his own in order to create a more whole and welcoming world. This is what it means to be a human being with true power.

It is way past time for a new generation of American leadership to rise…rooted in this same true power. Electing Pete will broadcast to the world that America has returned to its former position as a trusted global partner with the determination to use its power for good. For peace. For prosperity. For the sanctity of the earth we share. For all people. Everywhere.

#ThePowerofPresidentPete #PeteButtigieg2020

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