Pete’s Message to My Granddaughters

My dear granddaughters,

As you all know (hmmm…except maybe the baby!), I have been doing everything I can for the past eight months trying to let all who will listen know why I so strongly believe that Pete Buttigieg is the best person to be our next President. I’ve told you about him many times before. (Thank you for listening to your Bubbie.) He is a humanitarian (loves all people and values their lives equally). He is compassionate (feels the hurts and struggles of others and wants to help). He is very smart; and because he reads a lot and thinks deeply, he knows what he is talking about when he speaks. He also loves America, its democracy (government by and for the people), and its Constitution that has laws to keep our democracy strong. He’s also brave, and he puts the well-being of others before himself. In other words, he is humble and wants to help where he can be most useful.

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But I am writing this to you because of something he said this week that made me immediately think of you — and why it is more important than ever to me that Pete is elected President.

During the debate this week between some of the Democratic candidates for president, the moderator (host) of the debate asked the candidates this: If you could, would you give a “gift” to someone else onstage; or, in the “spirit of the season,” would you ask for forgiveness? The men on the stage, including Pete, said they would give gifts. The only two women on the stage (Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar) said they would ask for forgiveness — for sometimes getting too loud or forceful when answering questions during the debate.

But here’s what Pete said after the debate was over: “Obviously, we can each have our part in the debate, throwing elbows, defending ourselves, but no woman should ever have to apologize for being fired up, for being angry, especially about what’s going on right now, or for getting hot under the collar. We all do.” This is who Pete is — becoming a champion for what is right — even if it means standing strong for his own competitors (those running against him for President).

So why is what he said important enough for me to write this to you? Because he was talking about YOU — and every other woman — young and old. He is telling YOU that YOU have the right and the responsibility to speak the truth of what you know and what you believe — and he is telling you should never apologize for doing that. He is telling you that you do not have to conform to old ideas of how women should move in the world…softly, quietly, and without making anyone angry.

Go ahead! Make people uncomfortable if you have to and raise your voices! Tell the world why someone who would mock (make fun of) a person with disabilities, or degrade (disrespect) a Muslim mother and father who lost their son fighting for America should never be president. Shout about how women — not the government — are the only ones who should make decisions about their own bodies. Condemn in your loudest ‘outside voices’ possible a President who would allow babies and children to be taken away from their mothers and put in cages; or a President who would laugh and throw paper towels to victims flooded out of their homes by a terrible hurricane in Puerto Rico.

This is what Pete is telling you to do and this is what I am telling you to do too. You are young, strong women with powerful ideas, passion, talent, intellect, and enough confidence to go out into the world and take your place in it.

Finally, you may be asking yourself, “Bubbie, from what you just told us, why aren’t you supporting one of those women running for President?” It’s a good question, my sweethearts, and here’s my answer. I’m supporting Pete not only because he’s supporting you, but because I want to raise my voice in the next election for you — to help elect the most qualified candidate in the field. That’s Pete. My job is not to vote for a person because of their gender (sex), race, or religion or even age — but to support the one person I believe will make a much better world for you than the one into which you were born. And finally, and perhaps most importantly in this moment, our American democracy will not be able to survive if the person now in the White House is re-elected. And Pete — whose campaign is staffed mostly by women — is the one candidate to defeat him and immediately start healing this broken nation.

I am sending this to you with hope for a better future for the world — and all of my love forever. Now let me hear your sweet voices! ❤️ ❤️❤️ Bubbie

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