“No One Told Them How to Save Themselves” — The Covid19 Tragedy that Didn’t Have to Happen

A good friend of mine sent me a link to a Washington Post article the other day. The headline — “I have never felt so helpless: Front-line workers confront loss” — immediately caused me to become infuriated. I mean, full-on enraged to the point of wanting to scream until I could shout no more.

Though I knew the article would only fuel my already boiling anger, I read it anyway. Sure enough, there was the reporting I had expected. It was the truth. All of it.

“100,000 dead in a matter of weeks.”

“We weren’t prepared.”

“There was a lack of support.”

“Everyone was dying quickly.”

“We had to go from one death to another and the next.”

My pulse raced and my breath quickened as I read. This did not have to happen. All the death, I mean. It just did not have to happen. But it did. Over 100,000 precious lives — gone. DAMN!

Yes, the pandemic was coming. Yes, our country was ill-prepared for what was about to occur because of the Liar-Denier-in-Chief. “It’s going to disappear,” he bellowed in a White House briefing in February, weeks after he had first been warned about the dire consequences the United States would likely face once the epidemic raging abroad became a pandemic. “One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

In the end, everyone knows that it wasn’t the virus that disappeared. It was the lives of over 100,000 Americans that vanished — many, if not most of whom did not have to die.

Here’s how I know that to be true.

I know that several of the most highly published Critical Care physician scholars from around the country (who were acquainted with one another) came together in early 2020 to develop a Covid19 early intervention treatment protocol. This protocol could be used at the very start of the hyper-inflammatory phase of Covid19 — when a patient first becomes short of breath. (It’s not the Covid19 virus that kills — it is the hyper-inflammatory response to it that does.)

Working together, these doctors formed the Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC) in order to share their protocol widely. The protocol they devised — and continue to refine — is now known as the MATH+ protocol. It is based on the landmark study for the treatment of sepsis published by Dr. Paul Marik of East Virginia Medical School in 2016. (Dr. Marik is a founding member of the FLCCC.)

Most of the physicians in the group had already been using a version of Dr. Marik’s “HAT” protocol (developed for sepsis) to treat their critically ill Covid19 patients. The “HAT” protocol includes Heparin, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Thiamine. But by including Methylprednisolone in the cocktail they gave to patients to combat the hyper-inflammation that can occur in the lungs during the advanced, critical phases of Covid19, they found that it was saving the lives of their patients who were started on it within 6 hours of entering the ER. It saved most of them from having to go into the ICU, from being placed on ventilators — and from dying.

FLCCC Working Group physician Dr. Joseph Varon prepares to enter the Covid19 unit of United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas.

The FLCCC doctors had been trying for weeks to get people to listen to them about MATH+. They notified health authorities about the results they were having with MATH+. No one would listen. Not the media. Not physicians. Not hospital systems. Not elected officials. The doctors pleaded over and over again that if only everyone knew that they needed to get to the ER early enough to start this protocol, then we would be walking hundreds of formerly “dying” patients out the front door of the hospitals to return to their families.

What?” “Really?” “Why haven’t I heard about this?” “Huh?” “What the f—?”

Ah. I see you have questions. That’s good. So here is what you should know about why so many of those who died could have been saved by Critical Care physicians throughout the world — if only…IF ONLY…someone in a position to enact treatment policy around this phase of the disease had listened.

First: The academic and clinical credentials of the physicians of the FLCCC are impeccable. For them, the formation of the group was about only one thing: Saving lives. Hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

Next: The FLCCC doctors organized a communications team (of which I am co-coordinator, along with Betsy Ashton, former Consumer Affairs correspondent for CBS News), and we went to work, contacting elected officials, newspapers, television networks, physicians, healthcare organizations and more to let them know that incessant reports that “there is no known treatment for Covid19” were wrong. We urged them to look at the evidence-based protocol, study it, contact our doctors to talk about it, but most of all, USE IT. IMMEDIATELY. Unbelievably, no one responded. Regrettably, no one would listen.

We put together a website and a video explaining the protocol and the early results our doctors were seeing in their hospitals. (A less than 4% death rate with the early intervention protocol compared to upwards of a 75% mortality rate in other hospitals not employing MATH+). Still, little response.

We published a Facebook page and established a Twitter account. Word began to spread through these channels, and friends of the page began to share our information widely. As our social media presence grew, there was a small smattering of newspaper articles and local TV news reports here and there. Still calls for the NIH and the WHO to send delegations to the hospitals of our doctors were issued — but have, as of this writing, gone unheeded.

Then: One of our physicians, Dr. Pierre Kory, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee for Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on May 6, 2020. Even his impassioned testimony on how MATH+ was saving many lives in the places where it was being used did little to nudge the needle forward.

Unbelievably: FLCCC emissaries walked the protocol over to the White House on four separate occasions. Pushback — and silence.

Finally: The components of MATH+ are inexpensive, off-patent, globally available and have high safety profiles. The FLCCC is currently compiling their MATH+ treatment and outcomes data, which will be published soon. So why is this effective, physiologic and evidence-based treatment protocol not yet being used in every hospital around the world?

  • It might be that physicians have long-believed that giving a patient steroids for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is contraindicated and may exacerbate inflammation. But Covid19 pneumonia is an atypical form of ARDS. In fact, say the FLCCC physicians, the Covid19 form of ARDS is a steroid-responsive disease. And remember this: The World Health Organization is still advising against the routine use of corticosteroids in Covid19.
  • It might be that there is no profit in touting the MATH+ protocol. Unlike designer drugs like Remdesivir or expensive vaccines, there’s no big money in MATH+. In fact, there’s no money in it at all. For anyone.
  • Perhaps it’s that many physicians just do not want to use ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). For years, its use in mainstream medicine has been controversial. However, the FLCCC physicians report that in their Covid19 patients, ascorbic acid’s synergistic properties with methylprednisolone magnifies and hastens the patient’s healing.
  • And it might be that when media continues to insist — falsely — that there is no treatment for Covid19, audiences are manipulated to pin their hopes on big-ticket therapies that, in the end, may or may not work.

All of this, when we already know that MATH+ has the ability to save many, many lives from Covid19.

The FLCCC doctors just want to save lives. They know how to do it. There is solid, scientific, medical evidence for the MATH+ protocol (on our website, below). But people died in this pandemic because others possess larger megaphones than ours. Many people could not be saved because weeks ago, no one told them how to save themselves. That’s the tragic truth of this.

I have told my friends and family to print out the protocol (on our website, below), discuss it as soon as possible with their primary care physicians, and have their physicians call one of our doctors if they have any questions (Physician-only calls will be taken — no patient or family calls whatsoever.) Then, they should bring a printed copy of the protocol with them to the hospital where they MUST go when they are first short of breath from Covid19. Right there in the ER, they should DEMAND that the MATH+ protocol be used without a moment’s delay.

As a communications contractor, I have had many professional assignments in my life. But this is a personal assignment I have given myself to do all in my power to assist Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Jose Iglesias, Dr. Joe Varon, Dr. G. Umberto Meduri, Dr. Eivind Vinjevoll, Dr. Scott Mitchell, Dr. Keith Berkowitz, Dr. Howard Kornfeld and Dr. Fred Wagshul — to save as many lives as possible.

This didn’t have to happen. May the memories of all who lost their lives to this wicked disease be for abundant and lasting blessings.


Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer, visual storyteller, PR Specialist and Telly and Emmy Award winning video and documentary producer.

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