Iowa Voters — Like Millions Across the Nation — Like How Pete Makes Them Feel

The late poet Maya Angelou once observed, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I’ve found this insight to be a most profound truth. I think of it now as Pete Buttigieg sits atop the Democratic field in Iowa, and as pundits as well as voters mull over the reasons why Pete has surged in the key Iowa race — up by an almost unheard of 16% since September.

I think it’s because Iowa voters like how Pete makes them feel. I know that’s true…because I like the way Pete makes me feel every time he speaks. Every time he issues a new policy proposal. Every time I see him stop and listen to folks who approach him with ease to share their stories, ideas and concerns about our nation.

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I like how Pete makes me feel. Hopeful. Trustful. Peaceful. Joyful. Safe. Exhilarated. Respected. Protected. Confident. Relieved.

Now, I know I am not alone in this. By now, there are likely millions more who associate these kind of feelings with Pete Buttigieg. I have learned — often the hard way — to trust my feelings. Many times in my past, I have tried to tamp down my feelings about a person or a circumstance by trying to create a sort of bullet list in my mind that debunks those feelings. That is a wasteful exercise that has always proven futile. We all have “gut” feelings about things that can not be overruled by legislation of any kind. Have you ever noticed how, when you try to silence your gut feelings, they always manage to rise again — like a voice of reason perched atop your shoulder? Yep, me too.

So here’s the point: Trust your gut. Know that the way Pete makes you feel is the way Pete makes millions of people feel. And that’s something you — and they — will never forget…especially at the polls.

So all of the media chatter about whether Pete is electable in the general election is part hype, part agenda, and quite honestly, all nonsense — because it is largely dismissive of the the gut feelings of millions; feelings that are powerfully reflected in the recent ABC News/Washington Post poll (among others) showing that on average, Pete can indeed triumph over 45 by 11 percentage points. That’s because Pete makes people feel like they want and NEED to bring him to the White House.

The lies dispensed by the current administration are as numerous as leaves falling in a vast autumn forest. But feelings don’t lie. Your “gut” is the ultimate truth-teller. Follow it. Trust it. And #RollUpYourSleeves to ensure that the quintessential truth-telling candidate ascends to the presidency. #PeteButtigieg

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Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer, visual storyteller, PR Specialist and Telly and Emmy Award winning video and documentary producer.

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