I say it’s mass murder. You be the judge.

Let’s just call it for what it is. It’s mass murder. No hedging, it is mass murder. Cold, needless, heartless, greedy, pre-meditated mass murder.

Your honors, I am going to prove this declaration is true beyond a reasonable doubt.

The defendants are all those in positions of influence, power and decision-making who deliberately withheld lifesaving information from hundreds of thousands who were standing directly in harm’s way — and who would likely perish if not given the information that would save them.

I’d say that’s mass murder, wouldn’t you?

You see, ladies and gentlemen on the bench, we are in the middle of the largest surge of cases and deaths from COVID-19 in the history of the pandemic. Thousands upon thousands are dying everyday. A global humanitarian tragedy…at the very least.

But here’s the thing: Since irrefutable scientific evidence of the efficacy of a 40-year-old drug for prevention, early treatment and late-stage COVID-19 disease came forward in the Fall of 2020, the name of this drug — ivermectin — has been banned from social media sites, shot down by health regulatory agencies and blacklisted by hospitals, clinics and treatment providers in the U.S. and worldwide. (Note here that the emergence of ivermectin as a way to keep people safe from getting COVID-19 while waiting to receive a vaccine came at just about the same time as emergency use authorization permits (EUAs) were granted by the FDA to drug companies manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines. Tuck that little piece of information away for a moment. We’ll get back to that very shortly.)

Reasons for ivermectin’s utter banishment from being spoken aloud in public company included the following:

1. “There are not enough Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) to definitively prove its efficacy.

2. “The RCTs reported were mostly conducted in other countries. We need good U.S. trials.”

3. “The FDA, the CDC, the WHO and the NIH have not yet approved it for COVID-19.”

4. “I’ll lose my medical license if I prescribe it.”

As to #1, the defendants were given the studies. They are aware that there are 21 RCTs (and more coming in all the time) with over 2,500 patients total showing that the use of ivermectin resulted in statistically significant reductions in transmission, time to recovery, hospitalization and death. In other words, it prevented people from getting it, from getting sicker if they did begin to show symptoms, and from dying if they wound up in a hospital or in the ICU.

The prosecution’s response to item #2 is that the evidence gleaned from those trials — many having gone through rigorous peer review — are scientifically proven. Our second response to that assertion is that it is just plain racist.

The statement quoted in item #3 is accurate — though the NIH recently upgraded their recommendation from “recommend against” to “neutral — neither for nor against” for ivermectin. However, those agencies are defendants in this court (of public opinion) for NOT updating their recommendations for ivermectin in light of the mountain of evidence they had that it would save countless lives. Astonishing.

And as to #4, that’s a flat-out “no”. Physicians, nurse-practitioners and others with privileges to prescribe medicine will not lose their licenses from prescribing an FDA-approved drug off-label — that is, prescribing a drug for a condition not listed among those for which the drug was authorized.

Your honors, ivermectin was developed in the late-1970s as an anti-parasitic agent. It has been used safely by nearly 4 billion people worldwide and its impact on eradicating devastating diseases and pandemics in poor countries earned its developers the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015. It is cheap, very safe, off-patent and globally available. And it saves lives. Can’t forget that. It saves lives.

The Critical Care physician team at the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) issued a consensus recommendation in their peer-reviewed paper to be published within days in Frontiers in Pharmacology. It says that ivermectin for both the prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19 should be systematically and globally adopted with the achievable goal of saving countless lives and reversing the rising and persistent transmission rates in many areas of the world.

Dr. Paul Marik, one of the founders of the FLCCC Alliance, prepared the graph below, which demonstrates the scientific efficacy of the many therapeutics that have been trotted out for this disease. Many are wildly expensive. But as you can see, inexpensive but highly effective ivermectin provides benefit in all three disease states, where the other components fail to do so.

In the end, we all know that there is one overriding reason one reason for trying to shut ivermectin up. It’s simple. Yep, it’s money. Lots of it. Trillions and trillions of dollars that have been poured into the vaccines (which are important). Investors, pharmaceutical companies, corporations, etc. are not about to watch a pipsqueak of a drug used mainly in poor countries to tunnel out even a penny of their profits.

And so, the decision was made in the back rooms of shiny front offices to silence the interloper.

If some people have to die while we get rich, so be it. So here’s the plan, everyone: Tell media to reject anything about ivermectin that isn’t a large-scale RCT done in the U.S. They cannot be allowed to speak about this, just tell them to reject any press release or call that asks them to do a story on ivermectin. Deny the studies. Reject the evidence. Cast it as “junk science”. Yeah, that’s a good one, it’s “junk science”. Call Facebook, YouTube, Google and anyone else you can to get them to censor organizations or anyone who dares to write the word, “ivermectin” on their posts. Make them wear the shirt of shame for sharing “dangerous misinformation.” OK, OK,, we know that scummy little drug works, but this is business and we’re not going to let anything stop us now.

So, your honors, people have continued to die in record numbers. Three months since the doctors of the FLCCC started pleading daily with the world to listen to them…to acknowledge the science…to save hundreds of thousands of lives…and to bring this pandemic to an end.

The defendants in this case knew that ivermectin would save those hundreds of thousands of lives — even as those thousands awaited their turn to get the vaccine. Many will never get the chance now to roll up their sleeves, because they’ve died waiting, and thousands are dying right now, even as your eyes scan these words.

Ivermectin is scientifically proven to be such a powerful, super-safe, lifesaving drug for COVID-19, there is absolutely NO downside to using it—especially for those whose symptoms are worsening or for patients who are becoming critically ill in the hosptial. If the ivermectin treatment is rolled out today, the science shows it would take mere weeks to turn the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the meantime, your honors, I will rest my case with this: Please do not fail to recognize this deadly scheme as the criminal mass murder it is. And after finding this is so, tell the world.

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