I Saw Pete — And It Was Love at First Light

I have loved Mayor Pete since I first laid eyes on him last March. As I listened to him speak and answer audience questions during the the CNN Town Hall, I was smitten by his eloquence, his serene demeanor and his obvious brilliance. But then, when I realized that he was elucidating the values that willed him to become a contender for the nation’s highest office, it seemed that a prayer had been answered. He too could not abide the lack of decency, humanity, tolerance, justice, and truthfulness that had become hallmarks of the current administration. Pete’s entire candidacy became not only a rejection of the dearth of principled leadership, but a call to service —once again.

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I have loved Mayor Pete, it seems, forever. In fact, it was love at first light. It was an illumination of hope, the gleam of soul restored and spirit revived, and the charismatic radiance of the candidate who could make real the dream of a nation healed. I continue to be dazzled by the depth of his reason, his ability to listen and respond to diverse opinions, his bold articulation of the challenges confronting us, and the well-conceived solutions he champions.

I have loved Mayor Pete for who he is, for who and how he loves, and for who he will be as president. I have seen, learned about and listened to all of the other 2020 Democratic contenders. Still, without an iota of reservation, it’s Pete.

But now two newcomers have entered the race — doing so at this late hour, they say, because there is no one among the declared Democratic candidates who can triumph over 45 in the general election. This, to me, is the apex of pomposity — borne of almost super-hero mindsets and dismissive of the true nonpareil that stands before them. No shiny new object glittering in the corner will ever cause me to look away from the one candidate who can not only triumph in the 2020 election, but who will, in my estimation, become one of America’s greatest presidents for his peerless abilities and his benevolent heart.

So still, it’s Pete.

I have loved Mayor Pete. Now, I am ready to love President Pete. So, please #RollUpYourSleeves and let’s make the dream real.

Because I’ll just bet you love him too.


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Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer, visual storyteller, PR Specialist and Telly and Emmy Award winning video and documentary producer.

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