I Don’t Need Any More Busted Eggs On My Home to Know That We Need Pete Now

More than ever, America needs Pete. He is the one candidate for President who—among his many superior qualifications—has the heart and the ability to heal the terribly broken places between us. I bring this up just now as an American Jew. I raise this now as I observe Pete as an indefatigable champion of humanity — in America and around the world.

Here’s what I am feeling in this moment.

American Jews are on edge because anti-semitism is on the rise. Today, ground zero is New York — with a flurry of violent attacks against Jews taking place there in just the past several days. But sadly, acts of anti-semitism in America are nothing new. Most American Jews can relate their own stories of the times when they personally experienced words or acts of anti-semitism.

For me, I could tell you about the time my college sociology professor described Jews as “nuns”…then clarified that the word he meant was actually spelled “N-O-N-E-S”. Or, maybe I would share with you the time my beloved cat was hung with a wire coat hanger in the woods behind our home, with the words “Kamen the Jew dies” scrawled on our driveway in chalk as the content of dozens of busted eggs streamed down our garage doors. Then there was a caller to a talk radio show I was hosting in the early 1990s asking me if I was getting Thanksgiving Day off because, “Daddy bought the station for you, didn’t he?”

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Photo courtesy: Micah Benji Belong

Now, think about all the stories of hate and senseless violence that could be related by America’s African American community, the Muslim community, the Latinx community, the LGBTQ+ community, and the Asian American community. And what about the targeting of those who are disabled, the elderly, the poor, Dreamers and immigrants, the homeless — or any group of people deemed as “other?”

As distressed as I feel today writing this to you, I am greatly soothed by thoughts of Pete’s candidacy and hopefully, his victory in November. Under this current administration, it’s become open season on “others.” Why? As Pete observed, “Evil flows from peoples’ ability to see another human being as something other than a person; good comes from the ability to see and treasure another’s humanity as one’s own. That’s also called love, and love is going to win.”

Pete also speaks with passion and understanding about our country’s “crisis of belonging” — and promises to lead the national response to it by offering the following: “If your religious values teach you to protect the marginalized, feed the hungry, and welcome the stranger, you are not required to condone what’s going on in Washington.” I don’t know of a religious tradition that does not include that imperative. In that alone, WE ARE ALL ONE.

We can choose Pete — a Commander-in-Chief who is also a leader with humility, empathy and decency; or we can watch as naked racism is condoned in the White House and assented to by elected officials who look the other way and blindly applaud every act of cruelty or marginalization—devoid of even a shred of courage to put country over party.

We need Pete. It’s just that simple. It’s just that clear. It’s just that urgent. #PresidentPete

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Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer, visual storyteller, PR Specialist and Telly and Emmy Award winning video and documentary producer.

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