How “Pete Who?” Became the Talk of the Baby Shower

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During a baby shower in New York for my husband’s daughter (one of my two beautiful “bonus daughters”), I wandered into a conversation going on between 30-somethings who were discussing the recent presidential debates.

“I’m not sure how to even pronounce his name,” said one young woman. “Something like, ‘Bootgig’ or something like that. Do you know who I am talking about?”

“Oh yeah,” said another guest. “I heard my co-worker talking about that guy the other day. Pete something, I think.”

“Oh, just ask Joyce!” said the eldest of my two bonus daughters. “She’s in love with the guy.”

Suddenly, the group of six young women turned to me to find out what I could tell them about their next President.

“OK, first, it’s pronounced ‘Boot Edge Edge’,” I told them. “Boot. Edge. Edge. And if you could make a list of all of the qualities you would ever, EVER want in a U.S. President, Pete checks every single box. Every single one. That’s why I believe that he is the most qualified candidate EVER to run for President. Not just for this election…but for any Presidential election EVER.”

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“Okaaaayyy…” they mumbled, looking at me like I might have had a bit too much of the Sangria. “For real?”

“For real,” I said, straightening in my chair as I began to address them with my ‘listen to what I’m about to say to you’ face.

“He’s 37 and incredibly brilliant — In fact, he’s a Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of Harvard,” I began. “He’s more articulate than any orator I have ever heard. He’s the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana…”

“That’s close to where you grew up,” my husband Fred interjected. As many times as he’s heard me gush about Pete, he was still listening. (He has a Pete hat too.)

“Yes,” I said. “South Bend is just about an hour or so from Gary. Anyway, back to Pete. He speaks seven languages. He can sign. He is calm and reasoned. He understands world history and foreign policy. He’s a loving man, married for a year to his husband Chasten. Every one of his policies and opinions are first filtered by whether they are humanitarian. He is an excellent listener, he knows how to bring people together. He loves his country a LOT — and he served in Afghanistan…”

“Whoa…wait…can you tell me who are you talking about?” asked a young man who had wandered into the room.

“Pete Boot Edge Edge,” said one of the young women who had been listening closely. “Pete Boot Edge Edge. I’m googling him when I get home.”

“Oh yeah, PETE!,” exclaimed the young man. “I LOVE that guy!! He crushed it at the debate! Did you know he was a Rhodes scholar…he went to Harvard…”

“Oh, you know about him?” asked one of the young women. The group turned towards the gentleman, who continued to sing Pete’s praises.

The torch had been passed. I got up to go into the kitchen to refresh my Sangria. My work was done for the night. Cheers. #20PETE20

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