An Open Letter to Mainstream Media, Mainstream Medicine, and Elected Officials Who Were Told Months Ago How to Save Tens of Thousands of Lives

It’s truth-telling time. And I’m going to tell it all — right here; right now — leaving nothing out.

First, the real headline of this letter to you is one I really did not want to write. But I must because this is a dispatch based on truth-telling — even if it bares repugnant hideousness. So here it is:

You are, in large part, responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths from COVID19 in America.

Indeed, that is the loathsome truth no one wanted to say — or hear. But true it is.

Now, here’s why you are partly to blame.

You see, months ago, five of America’s leading and most highly respected Critical Care physicians reported to you that they had developed a physiologic, evidence-based hospital treatment protocol for those who become critically ill with COVID19. They tried to tell you that in their ICUs, where the protocol (soon to be known as MATH+) was being used, almost none of their patients were dying. In fact, most never even had to be placed on mechanical ventilators.

So instead of dying like thousands of others around the country, these patients in the ICUs of these doctors recovered and went home to their grateful families.

This is what they tried to tell you — along with the CDC, the NIH, the WHO, and select elected officials (senators, congressional representatives, local officials, etc.) They tried to tell you in the plainest language they knew how to speak that MATH+ (an acronym for Methylprednisolone, Ascorbic Acid, Thiamine, Heparin and several other co-interventions) could save tens of thousands of lives.

Guess what? You didn’t listen. In many cases, you didn’t even have the courtesy to respond.

More truth.

So now, let’s take a real close look into the reasons why you so audaciously ignored these gifted, well-published physician/academic scholars who knew how to save people — and were doing it.

Those of you in the medical community told them to come back when they had conducted a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of the protocol. Until then, you said you were not interested in hearing from them. With your backs turned, you walked the ‘holier-than-thou’ walk away from them as tens of thousands continued to die. But the patients in the ICUs of the FLCCC doctors were NOT dying. You wanted studies to prove it. You didn’t need studies. You needed only to watch these formerly critically ill people walk out of those hospitals into the arms of their loving and thankful families. Why wasn’t that “study” enough for you?


Because you needed — no, demanded — data. Good, old-fashioned, business-as-usual, rock solid data. REALLY? Were you completely unaware that we were in the midst of a pandemic and the rules of play had to be suspended…especially when the top Critical Care clinicians in the country were telling you how to save people?? And PROVING it in lives saved in their ICUs?

The FLCCC physicians responded to you as follows: They told you that they most certainly understood the value of RCTs — including case series and observational studies. After all, they themselves are some of the most highly published academic and clinical scholars in their field. They told you that their protocol was largely based on the landmark 2016 study on the treatment of sepsis by FLCCC physician Dr. Paul Marik. Dr. Marik believed that the protocol for sepsis he championed in the article, “HAT” therapy (Hydrocortisone, Ascorbic Acid and Thiamine), could be adapted for the hyper-inflammatory phase of COVID19 — which produced an atypical form of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) that was killing people by the thousands. He was right. And so were the Critical Care physicians who joined him in developing the MATH+protocol.

So the truth is that standing before you were some of the most highly respected Critical Care doctors in in the country…in the midst of a killer pandemic, and they were being asked to randomize some of their patients to supportive care (i.e “placebo”), knowing that if they did, they would most likely be sending those patients straight to their deaths. Got that? They told you that was why an RCT could not be conducted by the group. In fact, you even reported that the Oxford University “Recovery’ trial testing the efficacy of a steroid in the hyper-inflammatory phase of COVID 19 had to be stopped because the researchers quickly learned that the patients they randomized to placebo were dying. But the FLCCC doctors knew that COVID19 was a steroid-responsive disease months ago…and they wanted to get to word out there to save lives back then.

But you wouldn’t listen. (Did you even take a half a minute to review the unassailable medical credentials of these physicians???)

Mainstream media, you are no better.

“Publish an RCT and then we’ll write the story,” an AP reporter wrote.

“I would like to know if this has been systematically studied, or if it’s a theory that the team is using because they believe in it?” wrote a CNN Health producer.

A theory? Madam, 95% of people recovering from a critical COVID19 illness and walking out the door of one hospital when others around the country just like them are dying in uncontrollably high numbers is NOT a “theory.” It is evidence-based science.

“I just watched the video [about MATH+]. Definitely a powerful story! I appreciate you sharing this information with me,” wrote one reporter. Follow-up emails to him last month went unanswered.

An email explaining to several producers and reporters that FLCCC Alliance physician Dr. Pierre Kory testified as the lead witness about MATH+ on May 6 before the United States Senate Committee for Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs also received ZERO responses from you. That hearing had been convened by the committee chair, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, to offer expertise on ways to save lives from COVID19. Dr. Kory laid out the lifesaving way forward. And though the FLCCC Alliance had been assured that following that hearing, the protocol would be presented to the White House officials, the WH must have pushed the folder aside, opting instead to do loud, happy dances over the latest, very expensive, unproven drugs being pushed by Big Pharma. It is also likely that because MATH+ was comprised of inexpensive, globally available, off-patent components with high safety profiles, they just were not interested in touting it since there was no money to be made by anyone using MATH+.

And here’s another big bolt of truth for you: That Black and Brown people are dying disproportionately of this disease does NOT have to happen. The FLCCC’s Dr. Joseph Varon of United Memorial Medical Center in Houston has saved over 95% of his patients using MATH+. AND NEARLY 100% OF HIS PATIENTS ARE PEOPLE OF COLOR…who were blessed to be treated with MATH+. They returned home to their loving families.

So, mainstream medicine and mainstream media, you might choose to ignore the TRUTH of what has been reported here. But if you do, you do so now knowing full well what you are continuing to enable…the needless deaths of thousands.

Will you save them?

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