A Trump-Trained Liar — and Proud of It

Several days ago, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski — who was testifying under oath at the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry — said this: “I have no obligation to be honest with the media.“

Ironically, that may be the truest statement anyone associated with ‘45’s election campaign or his administration has ever publicly uttered. Vacating one’s responsibility to be truthful with the media is a vicious, conscience-killing virus that has spread in epidemic proportions throughout the current administration.

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And now, it has been reported that Lewandowski will lead the administration’s impeachment team. Let’s examine what we are likely in for.

To date, over 13,000 publicly told lies have been documented as attributable to ‘45’ himself. His former press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, admitted to making things up from the podium during press briefings. Counselor to ‘45’, Kelly Anne Conway, offers up “alternative facts.” Other known liars (and now convicted felons) have included former security advisor Michael Flynn, former campaign manager Paul Manafort, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates and former security department employee George Papdoloulos.

The point is this: The thousands of falsehoods oozing from 45’s orbit are insidious webs woven into fictitious narratives. These wild yarns are meant to mask the ugly truths of the things that are really going on behind the curtain. These fairy tales are then fed without hesitation or contrition to the media. And when the media pushes back to reveal the lies, they are dismissed by ‘45’ and his loyal minions as promulgating “fake news”. With a flick of his finger, he vilifies the media in two words without further commentary; delivering the democracy-murdering phrase as if it was an irrefutable proclamation from the emperor himself.

Corey Lewandowski’s shocking statement reveals the lesson he took to heart while sitting at the foot of the master. But remember: Lies to the media are lies to you too.

Some advice, America: Find a truth-telling candidate and fight like hell for them. Because death by a thousand lies is no way for a once thriving republic to meet its untimely demise.

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Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer, visual storyteller, PR Specialist and Telly and Emmy Award winning video and documentary producer.

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